Have you ever asked Google what age you are? 165,000 people have!

So today I was thinking what I could write my next article about and just as I was about to google stuff for inspiration I had a thought, people Google questions every day so why don’t I find the most popular and try and answer them without cheating by checking for the answers. Let me know how many I get right.

So here goes, please don’t use this for the actual answers as I may not (well prob wont) know the right ones.

At No 1 with 3,350,000 searches we have what is my ip?

I actually work in IT, so this is a good start for me. You can find your IP by selecting your Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection from the taskbar and clicking properties. Its your IPv4 address.

No 2. What time is it?

15:31pm. 1,830,000 people didn't think to just check the clock on the laptop or phone they were using to Google the question.

No 3. Google has been asked 1,220,000 how to register to vote?

I’m pretty sure I went on my local gov website and asked to be put on the electoral role. I think I had to fill in a form. (something like that).

No 4. How to tie a tie?

Like the 673,000 people who googled this i dunno exactly how as i haven’t done this in years but it’s something like you make one side shorter than the other then the longer side you put across and behind the shorter side. You then put the shorter side thro the space at the top and tuck it in the wrapped round bit then pull. (I don’t think this is right)

No 5. This question baffled me 550,000 people searched, can you run it?

I dunno if you can but this just makes me want to ask questions like can you run in general? what is it? why would you not be able to run it? Is it software?.

No 6. What song is this? I wonder if it was the same 555,000 people who asked this

I dunno what song are you listening to? Try Shazam?

No.7. How to lose weight?

I am probably responsible for half of the 450,000- searches. Usual answers healthy eating and exercise. If anyone knows anyway I can still eat a chocolate gateau and do this please let me know.

No.8. 450,000 want to know, How many ounces in a cup?

How big is the cup?

No 9. When is Mother’s Day?

450,000 searched this, I want to say March. It is about to be 450 001 searches.

No 10. How to get pregnant?

Well 368,000 asked, I don't have any kids but i hear you can use a ovulation tracker and keep your legs up for a bit after ahemmm and that can help.

No 11. Where are you now?

Who are they looking for? Are they wanting to know where Google is? Ehhh ok to answer the question I am in Scotland. 301,000 asked google this, its a strange wee world we live in.

No 12. What does smh mean? 246, 000 asked.

I think it means shake my head, which I have done a lot at these questions.

No 13. 165,000 have asked google how old am I?

It worries me a little that many people have to ask google how old they are, is it just me? ill guess tho and say 62.

No 14. How to hack Facebook account?

So, 135,000 have asked google how to hack a Facebook account. My answer would be stop the now you creepy ba####d. People make sure your passwords are strong!

No 15. What is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is whatever you want it to be!

No 16. 110,000 want to know, do you want to build a snowman?


No 17. How to get rid of fruit flies?

110,000 need to throw the rotten fruit you have in some cupboard somewhere

No 18. What is on tv tonight?

Ehhhhh well considering the news is on everyday I’m gonna go with that

No 19. 135,000 asked, how much house can I afford?

You could probably afford a dolls house.

No 20. How to calculate percentage?

Divide the number by 100 and then times by the percentage you want so 20 if you’re looking for 20%

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