Coronavirus in the Multiverse!

Updated: May 8, 2020

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I have had a lot of time to think about stuff (probably too much time). Today my thoughts took a kind of strange turn so I thought I would share them with you

As I go into my 8th week of self-isolation, I have noticed some changes in my own self. For a start, my house is immaculate, and I now work out daily and go for walks, so overall I would say it's a positive reaction.

This leads to today's thought, how would our favourite Comic book character react to a Coronavirus outbreak?

Would Batman be lounging around in his PJs watching Netflix as with nobody outside surely there would be no one needing saving? Would the joker spend his whole time plotting how he was going to kill Batz, or would he spend it in isolation revving up his Harley (Vroom Vroom)?.

Well, in DC world, they have some experience of dealing with a deadly virus. In Batman: Contagion, Azrael sends Batman a warning that the Order of St Dumas is sending a plague to Gotham City. It's a deadly strand of Ebola called the "Apocalypse Virus", and it kills within 12 hours.

It's too big. How can I fight a disease? And if I can't, Gotham is doomed.


Let's look at how Gotham's Heroes and Villains reacted to this.

Gotham's Billionaires

  • Seal themselves away from the plague in their luxury apartments (Babylon Towers), not knowing the chairman, Maris, is the carrier and they have locked themselves inside with the plague.

  • When he realises he is infected, Maris tells them of a previous survivor from Greenland and the residents place a massive reward for his live capture, thinking that he may be the key to an antidote.


  • Travels with Alfred to Canada to help find the survivor

(This results in a clash with Catwoman and a bounty hunter named Tracker who are already there to claim the reward. Azrael, who is there keeping an eye on Robin (at Batman's Request), breaks up the clash but is met with gunfire while trying to get the survivor to safety.

  • Gets a blood sample from the survivor and the names of a further two survivors before he dies and returns it to Batman.

  • Joins forces with Nightwing and Huntress to try and quell rioting outside Babylon Towers. Robin's contact with one of the rioters leads to him being infected after a looter spits in his face.

(Nightwing rushes Robin back to Alfred for treatment)

  • Despite almost dying from the plague, Robin joins Batman and Nightwing in aiding the police against a local gang, trying to hold an infected family for ransom by blocking off the medical authorities.


  • Catwoman, Tracker and Azrael join forces to hunt down a Chinese gangster who is the second survivor. They retrieve a sample when the gangster, who believes that due to surviving the virus, he is now immortal, stabs himself in the throat and dies.

  • Catwoman also finds the last survivor of the Greenland outbreak and takes her back to Gotham City unbeknown to her Babylon Towers has burnt down, no one can pay her the reward and that the blood cannot be used to produce a cure.


  • Helps track down the second survivor

  • After seeing the plague virus through the microscope, Azrael realises that it came from the Order of St Dumas, this leads to an antidote. Lilhy searches the texts from the Order of St. Dumas and finds and translates the formula for the antidote.

  • Azrael rushes it to Gotham City, evading assassins sent by the Order to stop him, and delivers the formula to a hospital.

Poison Ivy

  • As she is immune to all toxins and diseases, she is released early from Arkham to deliver the cure to the luxury apartments.

  • Begins mind-controlling the infected to do her bidding after she discovers the antidote doesn't work.


  • Sends Robin to find the survivor

  • Traces the original source of the outbreak.

  • Attempts to create an antidote using the blood samples.

  • Recaptures Poison Ivy from Babylon Towers.

  • Restores order in the city after the outbreak.

So there we have it, the heroes remain heroic and the villains, well they just do what they do best – cause chaos. Right now, we are all battling a real-life virus, so stay at home and save lives. My advice be like Batman!

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