An insight into Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

MEDICAL REPORT Date May 8th 2020

Report prepared for

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Gotham City

RE Name: Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel. Alias: Harley Quinn.

Also answers to: Daddy’s Little Monster, Harls, Harley-Girl, Pumpkin Pie, and Pooh.

Date of birth: July 20th 1990.

Reason for Medical Assessment

Requested by Arkham Asylum due to homicidal urges and psychopathy.


Jack Napier (The Joker)

Batman was given consent in the form of maniacal laughing.

Sources of information

Edward Nygma

Jonathon Crane

Harvey Dent

Jack Napier

Jervis Tetch

Pamela Lillian

Arkham Asylum Medical files and hospital records

Presenting complaint

  • Accomplice in the murder of Jason Todd.

  • Made a new lover wear the face of her ex-lover Jack Napier.

  • Helped Jack Napier escape Arkham Asylum while working there as his psychiatrist.

  • Almost killed Batman.

  • Killing several children by giving them video games with explosives inside.

  • Tortured Tim Drake.

  • Threw Duela Dent in front of oncoming traffic.

  • Killed her husband at their wedding by slitting his throat.

  • She bit the Jokers lip off.

Past Medical History

Evidence of extensive physical abuse.


Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: 5ft 7in

Weight: 140lb

Photo documentation

Examination findings

Harleen’s psychopathic tendencies are hidden behind her playful and fun nature. She is prone to mood swings which can lead to frenzied attacks on people, usually with an oversized hammer but has also been known to use explosives, baseball bats, pop gun or her pet hyenas (Bud and Lou). Her life of crime began when she was seduced by Jack Napier (The Joker). Harleen’s devotion to him has led to her own self-destruction, and no matter what he does to her, she will always love him. He manipulates and lies to her to cause her to remain deeply in love with him. Harleen is a true embodiment of maniacal love and will do anything for it.

Examination of injuries

Body is hauntingly white. It is suggested this is due to being dunked in acid by a lover.

Body scarred possibly due to combat or physical abuse.

Relationship history

  • Deadshot

  • Bianca Steeplechase

  • Mason Macabre

  • Red Tool

  • The Joker

  • Poison Ivy

  • Batman

  • Nightwing

  • Wonder Woman

  • Shazam


Harleen is clearly unstable and homicidal, but is also adorable. While Harleen was growing up, she always had an interest in the minds of the criminally insane. She is very intelligent and has a PhD in Psychology and Neurological Disorders. Harleen was one of the first recipients of the Thomas Wayne scholarship. This was given to those with high academic achievement and who wished to pursue a career in the medical or mental health fields. It seems she has recreated her persona due to extreme love and obsession with the Clown Prince of Gotham, who she met while treating him as a patient in Arkham Asylum.

The Joker abuses Harleen both physically and mentally. She acts submissively to him and is completely devoted to him. She has lost her sanity due to this infatuation. She is under the illusion that one day they will live happily ever after. The Joker loves himself more than he could ever love Harleen. He does occasionally show certain feelings for Harleen, but his love of himself is far superior.

Harleen kidnapped Tim Drake intending to make him into a mini Joker. She drugged him, cut him up and changed him to look just like the Clown Prince.

The Joker has done some despicable things to Harleen. These include launching her into space in a rocket, torturing her for being too independent and beating her up for capturing Batman. He also chained her by the neck when he thought she was hiding secrets from him.

Most recently, however, Joker has found himself a new girlfriend named Punchline. She is the complete opposite to Harleen and does not seem to have the same obsession with the Joker as Harleen does. Punchline sees herself as an equal to the Joker, and unlike Harleen, she does not work for him;, she is more like a partner to him. Not sure how Harleen is going to react when they meet. It will more than likely be bloody.

Harleen is physically very fit and has terrific acrobatic skills. She is a capable and forceful woman. She is also immune to most poisons and toxins, seems to have enhanced strength, agility, speed and healing factors. It is believed this is thanks to her friend and ex Pamela (Poison Ivy). Pamela gave her a serum that prevents any adverse reactions should she be exposed.

Harleen shows symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder. She uses her body to get attention from her lover, she speaks in an often baby-like manner and displays an exaggerated expression of emotions. She enjoys being the centre of attention and is easily led astray.

There is the hope of rehabilitation. Harleen has previously shown an interest in trying to go straight, but due to a misunderstanding involving theft,alleged shoplifting, she gave up. She had saved the world when it had fallen under the control of her friend Pamela and assisted in investigating the murders of patients in a rehabilitation centre. Harleen also rescued her daughter, Lucy, when she was kidnapped by Ra’s al Ghul.


Threat Level: Severe

May need restrained when having a violent outburst.

Cognitive Therapy to help with her obsession with The Joker.

Some kind of medication to calm her down, possibly tranquillizers.




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